Swedish Environmental Protection Agency invests in Econ

Econ is proud and pleased to announce that the company has been awarded grants of SEK 60 million from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s investment program”Klimatklivet” to build Econ’s virtual pipeline and two hydrogen refilling stations in the Gothenburg region southwest of Sweden. 

The total investment is SEK 85 million and includes hydrogen refilling stations that offer locally produced, green fossil-free hydrogen to heavy transport and industry. The investment also includes Econ’s virtual pipeline, making it possible to move and store energy in a very cost-effective way. 

”This investment enables more vehicles to use electric propulsion systems and thereby reduce emissions to zero. Hydrogen vehicles use fuel cells to convert hydrogen into electricity. This is an important step in the global energy transition of which we are a part. It is very gratifying that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the climate community also thereby approve our solution.” says Morgan Larsson, CEO of Econ. 

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s investment support local and regional investments with the intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Support is only given to measures that contribute to increasing the pace of achieving the climate goals, which would not otherwise have been implemented. 

For further information, please contact: 

Morgan Larsson, CEO at Econ AB, Tel. +46 708 18 38 07.

About Econ

Econ is a project developer who works B2B with renewable energy, mainly hydrogen and liquid biogas. Econ develops projects across the entire value chain, from production to distribution and end customers. The projects are developed in collaboration with Econ’s investors. The projects are based on long-term agreements that provide a stable return over time. Econ operates in the European market, with the most prominent presence in northern Europe.