Liberating the energy system from carbon

Enabling a fossil free industry

We minimize the industry and transport sectors’ need for fossil fuels. Econ enables the change.

Hydrogen as a key to balance

We offer clean fuel that will keep industries and the transport sector effective and sustainable.

By refining wind- and solar power to hydrogen Econ creates a balance between the supply and demand of clean energy. We tailor the project to perfectly fit the customers requirements, and can also provide biogas and bio-LNG. Our vision is to liberate the energy system from carbon.

Econ provides turnkey hydrogen facilities, including distribution. Our facilities are packaged as companies with the supplier and off-taker agreements and are sold to infra investors, energy company and industries. We offer trouble-free and risk-reduced ownership by handling operation and management. Econ ensures all agreements are complied with.

The Econ process to balance

How we build a carbon-liberated energy system and clean energy business cases.

Securing land
Evaluating the most favorable location for the production facility and securing land in vicinity of clean energy supplier.

Development & Design
Evaluating the most cost effective system solution, and ensures that all permits to construct the facility are in place.

Business concept & Financing 
The facilities are designed to attract investors. Econ provide a bankable structure and revenue stream, based on long-term supplier and buyer agreements.

Procurement & Construction
With our expert EPC partner, we efficiently manage engineering and construction.

Management & Operations
The plant is connected to our control system (SCADA). The control room enables detailed monitoring and management of daily operations, which optimizes efficiency.

Our Story

Our vision is to liberate the energy system from carbon and harmful emissions and in that way create a more sustainable future. We want to offer effective and attractive fuel solutions to make industries stay successful in a world that needs clean energy. We balance supply and demand in the renewable energy system via hydrogen storage. Our turnkey facilities make renewable energy suppliers more successful and profitable while creating an industrial market for hydrogen. Econ solutions link the suppliers and off-takers in attractive business cases.


We are a devoted team with extensive in-depth knowledge from building attractive business cases within the world of renewable energy. Econ is an ambitious company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with activities in northern Europe.

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